Siri Bardarson is “sirithiri”:

I am a digital artist and I use the application Paper 53 on my iPad Pro or iPhone.  Whether a jam jar, a street scene in Spain or a grilled cheese sandwich; if the moment hums to me, I draw it.  I work to capture energy.

I was raised a musician, not a visual artist, but I feel art and music are connected in all my creative effort.  Both art forms, the exaggerated emotion of music and the visual thinking of drawing, help me communicate my true self.  I sketch in other media and I love color and life drawing.  

A Northwest native, I have lived on Whidbey Island for many years.  My island home has a huge creative influence on me.

“Come see what I see.”

www.sirithiri.com Facebook/Siri.Bardarson Instagram/sirithiri